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Seanbydesign.com is a one stop marketing solution for any growing small business wishing to make a visual impact for their customers or clients.


Full NameSean Brannon

Lives inOregon, USA

My story

Its a long story full of life, love, and happiness. Carry on with your own story. I only hope I can be a part of it.

About me

Sean Brannon has been in the design and art industry his entire life. Creating paintings, sculptures, and lately, marketing solutions for companies seeking funding and product placement, primarily in the development and financial sectors.

Future goals

Sean by Design is expanding into team based and multi discipline development solutions. We welcome and challenge in complex systems design to help your work flow productivity and controls. Other challenges could be a complete marketing makeover including hosting, design, and SEO. Sean by Design is working with industry partners to create a resource pool to tackle any problem your business may be facing in advertising and customer communication.

Other infos

Nothing is more fun than starting a complex and challenging project and seeing it to success. Open communication and trust with clients leads to a higher project success rate and higher customer satisfaction.